Privacy Awareness Training

Secure your business from cyber
threats and financial loss with
interactive online training for your

Create A "Human Firewall"

Most security threats find their way into your business through your well-meaning employees.

Empower every member of your organization with Privacy Awareness Training.

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Employees learn to identify common threats in real time.

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Employees isolate threats before they bring harm.

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Employees eliminate the threat so you keep moving forward.

Here's what they're saying about us...

S. Henderson
California Financial Services Association
S. Henderson

Eye opening and amazing! As bankers, we need to protect all our clients and our own in-house data with these essential privacy education tools.

A Lenhardt
National Crime Prevention Council
A Lenhardt

All our people have said that your content and training really hit home!

P. Boland
California State Assembly
P. Boland

As a former three-term lawmaker focused on public safety issues, I know these financial crimes and their great cost to the American economy. Follow this advice!

D Call
Dean, University of Southern California
D Call

Demystifies identity theft!

Brian C.
Los Angeles County Sheriff's Department
Brian C.

The essentials on how to make yourself a smaller identity theft target. The information and prevention tips could help anyone from becoming the next victim.

M.J. Frank, Esq., Author
Guide to Recovering from Identity Theft
M.J. Frank, Esq., Author

Opens the curtain to reveal the deception and trickery of the identity thieves.

Mike B.
Los Angeles Police Department
Mike B.

Because of you, we have the training needed to stay on top of our game. Keep up the great work!

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Protect Your Data, Train Your Team

The Privacy Awareness Academy is the best way to fortify your human firewall.

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