Why should we invest in team privacy training considering our constant employee turnover?

Better to train everyone and have a few leave, than not to train anyone and hope they stay!

How can we measure the ROI for implementing interactive privacy awareness training?

Just ONE data breach costs the AVERAGE company six to seven figures of lost revenue!

Will the Privacy Awareness Academy platform sync with our existing LMS or CRM?

Yes, we utilize single sign-on (SAML 2.0) and Zapier to create a seamless interface.

Can we assign our own in-house management- level oversight to ensure the training is being used?

Of course! You can assign “Super-Users” to monitor training progress from any location in real time.

What is your “interactive testing” and what does it accomplish?

Your learners will satisfactorily complete a graded quiz for each module to earn their certification.

How do we add newly hired team members to begin earning their privacy certification?

Your designated “Super-User” can easily generate new hire “onboarding ”credentials as needed.

How do you keep employees engaged with this many hours of training?

We’ve crafted learning modules that are concise, relevant, informative, satisfying, relatable and fun.

Is this privacy and cyber-safety content suitable for our management and C-level team members?

Yes! The curriculum includes advanced modules to help with corporate governance and planning.

What if I can’t “pass” the interactive test?

Learners can repeat modules, jot notes inside the system and re-take quizzes as much as needed.